LS Construction

The Process


A modified plan can be drawn to accommodate your needs. An architect will need to be hired to draw a modified version of the plan that suits your needs. An Engineer will need to be hired to design the structural integrity of the home. If you decide that this is the home you want to have designed, I will provide you with a completed plan ready for permitting. This cost will be included in home pricing. Once plans are complete, solid vendor bids are agreed upon.
Approx. Time: 2-3 months


The permitting process includes delivering completed plans and site plan to Horry County Code Enforcement. They first will review the plans and request any modifications pertaining to code. Once approved, the permit can be granted.
Approx. Time: 2-4 weeks

Phase 1: Foundation

Phase 1 includes both preparation of lot and Concrete Foundation Slab. The lot will first need to be cleared. Once cleared, soil will need to be imported to make up the foundation and the soil on the lot. The foundation pad will be at least 12-14” above the curb. A Soil Engineer will need to be consulted to assure a solid foundation. The finished floor elevation for the slab will be approximately 16-18” above the curb.
Approx. Time: 2-4 weeks

Phase 2: Framing

Once slab has cured for at least 4 days, framing can commence. The structural wall / roof will be built per Engineer’s specifications.
Approx. Time: 3-4 weeks

Phase 3: Rough Trades / Framing

After the framing has completed the Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Windows/Doors and Insulation will be installed per specifications.
Approx. Time: 2-3 weeks

Phase 4: Drywall / Trim / Paint / Ext. Finish

Once the home has passed the framing inspection it will be time to move onto the cosmetic attributes of the home. Walls will be covered with drywall, interior doors/trim will be installed, the home will be painted and the Exterior Finish will be installed.
Approx. Time 3-4 weeks

Phase 5: Interior Cabinets/Trim-out

Cabinets will be installed and countertop template can be made. HVAC and Electric fixtures will be installed. Flooring will be installed as well. Once countertops are in, plumbing fixtures will be installed. After an inspection, power can be transferred onto the home.
Approx. Time: 3-4 weeks

Phase 6: Completion of Home

Once power has been turned on to the home, the finishing touches become the focus. The driveway gets installed followed by the landscaping. As the home nears the end of its construction phase, it becomes time for the final inspection. The Certificate of Occupancy signifies that your home is ready to move in per South Carolina Code.
Approx. Time: 3-4 weeks