LS Construction

For Home Sellers

When selling your own home or using a Realtor, having a home inspection report available for interested buyers can add credibility and help sell your home faster.  LSís home sellerís inspections include:

  •  Pre-listing inspections: Research shows 8 out of 10 homebuyers nationwide obtain a home inspection
  • For Sale by Owner inspections: After deciding to sell your home, it is important to make sure it is in the best possible condition so you can be credible and confident in front of prospective buyers.

An LS prelisting inspection can help you:

  • Raise buyer confidence and trust
  • Receive top dollar for your home
  • Sell your home faster
  • Avoid closing delays
  • Reduce liability through full disclosure
  • Provide proof to the buyer of your homeís condition
  • Be alert to safety concerns that may be an immediate concern to your family
  • Fix minor maintenance issues for better showing results